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Financial & Accounting Consultants -

We provide business consulting and staffing services ranging from finance, accounting, tax, audit and have key performance indicators and metrics for sale. Industry experience includes retail, e-commerce, financial services, engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing.

Human Resources Consulting -

Human resource consulting and outsourcing solutions in Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro area.

ISO Consultant -

Quality systems and work around in developing, building and assisting in practicing systems on and off line. We develop system in line with international best practices and vision, mission, policy and objectives of the client.

Six Thinking Hats de Bono -

Six Thinking Hats, a training course from Edward de Bono teaches parallel thinking as an alternative to argument. So we can effectively analyze issues and make better decisions by putting our opinions and egos aside.

Three S Consulting -

A management consulting firm advising companies on issues related to strategy, supply chain and sourcing.