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Cosmetic Surgery

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon -

Expert in ultrasonic liposuction, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, sculpts the contour of his patients' body by removing localized excess fat in areas such as the flanks, hips, inner abdomen and breast. Dr. Orringer can also combine ultrasonic liposuction with a tummy tuck procedure for an optimal looking result.

Botox London -

Mr. Alex Karidis is one of UK's most well known and respected cosmetic surgeons, who provides a range of non-surgical facial treatments, including Botox.

Cosmetic Surgery London -

Mr. Alex Karidis is one of the UK's most well known and respected cosmetic surgeons. His London-based practice offers a wide range of procedures in cosmetic surgery.

Dallas Plastic Surgeons -

When performing plastic surgery, Dallas physician, Dr. White makes sure his patients understand what the procedure involves. It is especially the case when a surgery such as otoplasty is performed on children. Parents will have to prepare their child for the operation and take some time off to assist their child in the recovery process.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon -

Serving Sydney and all surrounding areas, surgeon Dr. Tobias Pincock offers facial plastic surgery.

NJ Day Spa -

Offering dozens of private rooms, special massage experts, oil from all over the world and more. Come to our spa to relax and to enjoy yourself.

Plastic Surgeons Jacksonville Florida -

Dr. Phillip and Roberto Garcia, based in Jacksonville Fl, are experts in facial plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for aging face procedures.